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Murder mystery games are one of the easiest parties to plan and great fun to play. Mystery games can be best described as an interactive clue game. You and all your guests come to the party in character (costumes optional), soon to find out you are all suspects in a murder. The fun begins as you try to recreate the events leading up to the ghastly moment. As the accusations begin to fly and clues are revealed, you must figure out who among you has committed the unspeakable crime. All participants may have a motive and means, plus some interesting skeletons hanging in their closets. You must use all your sleuthing skills to find the real villain, proving your own innocence by proving someone else's guilt. In the end, the mystery is solved and the entire truth is told.

Oh, but don't worry! Our kits do not require any acting ability. You will have to read your parts but our games are played in a conversation mode usually set around a dinner table or living room. Best of all, most of our games do not let you in on who committed the crime until you are finished playing the game. From the invitations to costume suggestions to menu suggestions, our mystery kits have it all!

Mysteries and More offer mystery party games for kids and teens for 8 players and murder mystery games for older teens and adults for 6, 8, and 10 players. Our mystery games are designed for easy home entertaining great for all types of parties including Halloween parties, birthday parties, and dinner parties. Our popular all women games are great for showers, slumber parties, or just a girls' night out. Our "Skit Kits" murder mystery games are very unique in that they incorporated the traditional murder mystery into an exciting game designed for larger groups, such as family reunions, corporate events and fundraisers.

Our products are from the following companies.

* Decipher's "How to Host a Murder" games.

* Bepuzzled's, "Murder Al'a Cart" games and their hard to find jigsaw puzzles.

* Mysteries by Vincent, with quality, humorous games for 8 and 10 players and their wonderful Skit Kits. Mysteries by Vincent also provide murder mysteries that do not have an even number of male and female roles for more flexibility.

*, with quality 8 player games expandable to 10 players.

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